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鸛 - Kounotori (Oriental White Stork)

In Japanese culture, the stork is believed to be a symbol of prosperity and longevity. As recounted in the folklore of old, storks would be seen to dive into the water, only to emerge with a mouthful of hidden treasures instead of fish. It is this imagery that has us believe this is the perfect symbol for our token, as we aim to provide a service that will return wealth to our investors for years to come.

Welcome to Kounotori, where all investors matter.

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Sliding Tax Scale

Our token has the power to adjust reflections to holders or to the treasury depending on market conditions.

ETH Marketing Wallet

No more price drops should we need to pay for marketing. We also have the power to buy back tokens to benefit our project.

Incredible Reflections

Anything up to 8% reflections to holders, with the minimum received being 3%.

Kounotori aims to level the playing field with its planned staking platform, creating a user-friendly experience for investors both big and small. By providing high rates of return for those staking our token, as well as other trusted tokens that we partner with, Kounotori aims to set a new standard for staking stability and returns on the Ethereum network.

Our token, $KTO, is built on the Ethereum block chain (ERC-20) with a number of anti-manipulation features built into its contract, including a maximum buy/sell amount in any single transaction and a maximum hold amount per wallet. Other features include:

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As with any financial investment, we recommend taking the time to do the right amount of research so that you can make an informed decision before investing (spoiler alert - investing is definitely the right decision).


Dive right into our litepaper and see what we're all about.




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We have a rapidly growing community of #storkholders, with investors from Shiba Inu, Saitama, and various other popular crypto projects, all eager to get on board the Kounotori rocket.


With multiple social media platforms available, anyone and everyone can get chatting with our awesome community and see what we've got in store!

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*please read the litepaper for more details

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Kounotori concept creation ✔

Set up Social Media Accounts ✔

Website Launch ✔

Initial Community Building ✔

Contract Creation and Verification ✔

Initial Research and Development of our own Staking Platform 

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Marketing on Social Media ✔


Kounotori Stealth Launch on Uniswap ✔

CertiK Audit ✔


Solidproof KYC ✔

CG and CMC ✔

Whitepaper V1 Release

Social Media Marketing Team ✔

Regular AMAs ✔

Build a Team of Experienced Solidity Coders who will work on our Staking Platform ✔


Begin Staking Platform Development

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10000+ Holders

Partnering with Influencers on Twitter and Youtube ✔

Start of Platform Building


Listing on Lower Tier Portfolio Trackers

Listing on Lower Tier Exchanges

Competitions, Buybacks and Burns ✔

'Token B' Launch

Kounotori NFTs

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25000+ Holders

Bigger CEX Listings

Charity Donations

Mass Marketing


Kounotori Staking Platform Beta Tests

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50000+ Holders

Cutting all Tax to 0%, Making a Ground for Top Exchange Listings

Contract Renouncing

Staking Platform Audit

Listing on Top Tier Exchanges

Staking Platform Launch

Phase 6 and Beyond


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Our team is made up of a group of crypto-enthusiasts that have grown tired of rug-pulls, honeypots, and devs that, quite frankly, have no idea how to treat their community or their project. Although none of the core team have coding knowledge, we have the freedom to carefully choose the right people for the jobs needed rather than rely on the limitations of an in house team.


We endeavour to provide an honest, clean project, that will always listen to its people. After all, without the will of the people, the investors, the storks braving the depths; this project cannot be a success.

We believe that transparency is the key to a safe and secure investor experience. Measures we have taken to honour this include:

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Our token has seen incredible levels of interest pre-launch and therefore we expect some scam copies to appear and try to trick our future #storkholders into investing in the wrong token. Please be aware that our ticker is $KTO and our token name is Kounotori. There are no official baby, mini, super-mega inu versions of our token and we are only on the Ethereum network.

Official Contract Address. Copy & paste into Uniswap.

Please follow the instructions below to safely purchase your $KTO on Uniswap.


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Create a New Wallet

Register an account through a company such as MetaMask, Trust Wallet, or Coinbase Wallet. You will need to send Ethereum (ETH) to your wallet. This can be either purchased in the wallet itself or sent from an exchange such as Binance, KuCoin, or Coinbase.

Connect Your Wallet

Go to Uniswap V2 via their website or through the wallets in-app browser and click on 'Connect Wallet'. Click on 'Add Token', copy and paste the $KTO contract address from this website, and click on 'Import'. 

Adjust the Slippage

Click on the settings cog and adjust the slippage. 11-13% is recommended for normal market conditions.

Buy $KTO

Select the amount of $KTO you wish to purchase. Please note that you will need to keep some ETH behind to pay for gas fees. Click on 'Swap' and take a moment to consider the fees. You can make further adjustments to speed up the transaction if required, although this will cost you more ETH. Click on 'Confirm Swap' once you are ready to make the purchase. After a short while, the new $KTO balance will show in your wallet. Congratulations! You are now a #storkholder.


Live Chart

Business Enquiries - marketing@kounotoritoken.com