"Put not your trust in money,

    but put your money in trust"

- Oliver Wendell Holmes, Sr


We aim to create the first community driven centralised exchange, with staking rewards of up to 20% APR paid in a stablecoin, an NFT marketplace, NFT staking perks, our own blockchain, and governance via the NEST council that will nominate and vote on new crypto projects to list.

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Centralisation made easy


Our platform will provide users with a slick and easy to use interface, whilst still maintaining all the features you would find on any top tier exchange. Security will be at the forefront, with newer De-Fi tokens being subject to a thorough auditing process before being listed. We will also be the first CEX to have the listing fee in the projects’ native token, meaning newer projects can enjoy the benefits that having a centralised listing can offer without breaking the bank.


All hail the King of staking

$KTO will have a staking return of up to 20%, paid in a stablecoin.

This can be pushed even higher with the use of our Kounotori NFT collection, and

the amount of $KTO you stake can even have an impact on your transaction fees.


The Token

KOUNOTORI ($KTO) is an ERC-20 token that launched on the Ethereum network in Q4 2021.

The contract address is  0x616ef40d55c0d2c506f4d6873bda8090b79bf8fc

Total supply of 1 Quadrillion (1,000,000,000,000,000) $KTO

Our contract has some great features built into it to make it stand out from the crowd.

Sliding Tax Scale


The 10% transaction tax is split and can be adjusted backwards and forwards in favor of either the holders or the marketing wallet. It can even be turned off completely (ask our Storkholders about No Tax Tuesday).

ETH Marketing Wallet

By having a portion of the transaction tax converted to ETH, we won’t affect the token price when we need to pay for marketing. We also have the ability to buy back tokens for competitions and burns.



The sliding tax will allow anything up to 8% of every transaction to be redistributed among the rest of the holders, with the minimum amount redistributed being 3%. This applies to the burn wallet as well.

A number of anti-manipulation features have also been built in to provide holders with a secure trading experience.

Anti - Sandwich Attack


$KTO  is immune to sandwich attacks, which is the process where a bot will make two quick transactions just before and after another transaction in order to make a profit. Our contract limits each address to only being able to make one transaction per block.

Anti - Honeypot


Setting the maximum transaction amount to zero would prevent everyone from being able to sell, AKA a honeypot. Our contract will reject any efforts to set it at zero, meaning you will always be able to sell tokens. The lowest amount that can be set is 0.1% of total supply (or 1 Trillion tokens).

Anti - Tax Manipulation


Some projects have scammed users by setting the transaction tax to 100%, which means that all of your money is taken and you receive no tokens. Our contract will not allow reflection taxes to be set above 8%, meaning you will always receive tokens when you purchase $KTO.

Our CertiK audit is available to view here, with a response to their findings in the whitepaper.


Spend it


You’ve bought the token. You’ve staked it for a term. Now it’s time to spend those rewards. Top up your Kounotori payment card by exchanging crypto to fiat in our mobile app and transferring it to the card account. 


More than just pixels


Our collection of Kounotori Valley Stork NFTs will have a major part to play on our exchange, providing a host of perks for you to stack up. Whether it's reduced transaction fees or higher staking returns, pixels = profit.

You can view our collection of NFTs on Opensea  here.




With a new and exciting project plan, it’s sure to be an incredible journey.

Join us for the ride.


Kounotori conceptualisation  
Social media/website creation  

Initial community building ✔ 

Litepaper release ✔

Certik contract audit ✔ 

Solidproof KYC audit ✔ 

Coingecko listing ✔ 

CoinMarketCap listing  ✔

Marketing/influencer reach ✔

Initial research ✔


Kounotori NFTs ✔

Low tier exchange listings ✔

Staff expansion ✔

Brand/website redesign ✔

Whitepaper v1 release ✔

Exchange R&D phase ✔

Marketing/influencer reach

Listing on De-Fi platforms ✔

Create KTO Exchange LTD ✔


Exchange development 

Private testing

Stress testing
Exchange audit

Public beta testing

Marketing campaign

Listing on top 50 CEX


Staking launch

Set $KTO tax to zero

NFT staking launch

Kounotori payment card

Exchange mobile app

Google Pay implementation

Apple Pay implementation

Recurring deposits

Listing on top 10 CEX


Blockchain development

Migrate $KTO to blockchain

Stablecoin launch


Exchange launch

Governance  (NEST Council)

Listing smallcap De-Fi projects

Listing on top 20 CEX


Transparency brings trust


We believe that transparency is the key to a safe and secure trading experience. Our developer team is fully doxxed, with not one, but two completed KYC audits under our belt. To top things off we are now registered as a private limited company in the UK.

Let's meet the team behind the project.


Chief Executive Officer 


Chief Technical Officer 

Cpt Smith.jpg

Chief Marketing Officer 

We have partnered with Tech Alchemy, a London based development studio that’s been
voted as the number 1 blockchain technology company in the world by 

Our incredible community of Storkholders are what drives the project, with many of them stepping up to fill vital roles in marketing,  design, social media, and PR. Best community ever? Definitely!

Come and say hi on our official channels.

How to buy $KTO

$KTO is also available on the following exchanges.



$KTO is primarily available on Uniswap. This video will show you how to buy using a De-Fi wallet such as Metamask, Coinbase Wallet,  or Trust Wallet.


Fashionable & Charitable


We have a huge range of official Kounotori merchandise available in our store, and not only will you look awesome wearing it, but you’ll be helping those in need as well.


Every quarter, 50% of all profits made will go directly to a charity as chosen by our amazing community of storkholders. The rest will go back into running costs and the development of new designs for the next quarter.